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What is G0lem_DAO? 

A community of people who gathered together to pursue a common goal of being free, financially, spiritually, and creatively without borders or limitations. 

When the community collectively decides on its own agenda and further growth. 

We as the founders of the DAO will contribute the initial building blocks of the community. Creating the structure for future sustainability. 


The project itself isn’t just simply a community, we have a lot to offer to our loyal followers and members. 

Every milestone that we work on will be revealed gradually over a period of one year from the date of the creation.

…Always yours _g0.


Let’s Talk Money

After thorough research and careful planning, we’ve decided on the 2 main pillars of financial stability and prosperity for the project. NFTs and native g0lem_Dao token.

g0lem Token

The Idea is Simple Yet…

g0lem native token is used to reward the NFT holders and active users of our platform.

Also, tokenomics are designed to benefit every member of the Dao.

We believe in the long-term vision for the project we design and build. 

These tokenomics will support the stability and profitability for our members.

For more details:


g0lem NFT

g0lems with the twist

The collection of 7,777 g0lems.

77 NFTs for the team (minted at the generation event)

100 NFTs for the marketing (minted at the generation event)

Team NFTs cannot be staked.

7600 NFTs are available for the public to mint.

Benefits including: 

  • Staking rewards
  • DAO membership 
  • Renting out NFTs 
  • Individual character for in-dApp implementation
  • Cool PFP
  • Revenue sharing


7,777 golems with the 70+ custom traits so you can mint your own, or buy the one that fits you best.

G0lems are designed to have the clean look. No messy or unnecessary traits or elements. Designed with the future use case in mind. The backbone of the platform and further project development.


Each element is designed to fit the g0lem perfectly. Revealing the character of the g0lem, and future design of the dApp concentrated around the holder of a certain g0lem. 

Also, not all the g0lems have elements as part of their core. But unique traits. 


We are designers, degens, developers, and people who lives in the crypto world full-time since 2016. Supporting the effort of crypto to change the current outdated financial and governing systems.




united we stand


Would like to discuss the partnership or join our team? You can reach us on Discord. DM Mike or Derek.